Time frame

The schedule of the program is very flexible. The LL.M. can be achieved in one or two years depending on your background, availability and the pace at which you want to study.

The LLM in International Law in 2 years

The time frame for the LL.M. students who want to take the LL.M. in two years is as it follows:

The first year is devoted to the five MOOCs. Students may start the MOOCs whenever they want during that first year, since the MOOCs are self-paced. However, they should start by the MOOC on international law before following the other MOOCs and they must have successfully completed the five MOOCs before the starting of the live sessions the following year.

The second year is devoted to the live sessions, the personalized exams and the research paper.

The LLM in International Law in 1 year

Two categories of students may choose to complete the LL.M. in one year.

The first category concerns students who already successfully completed the MicroMasters in International Law, which involves the completion of the five fee-based MOOCs outside the LL.M. program. Those students may enrol in the LL.M. program and must therefore pay the fees for that program. They must then complete the LL.M. in one year by taking part in the live sessions, writing a research paper and passing the personalized exams.

The second category of students are those who did not already complete the MicroMasters in International Law but are ready to follow the whole program in one year. They must therefore follow the live sessions on the MOOCs as well as complete the five MOOCs from August to December before taking the personalized exams in January on the live sessions. They must then follow the live sessions on the current topics and write the research paper from February to May before passing the personalized exams on the live sessions in June.

June deadline approaching!

Application for the LL.M. must be submitted by June 30, 2024