Full program: Exams

The LL.M. program includes five MOOCs, a series of twenty live sessions, a research paper and a personalized evaluation.

About the personalized evaluation

The LL.M. program includes two types of exam. A first series of exams consist in the evaluations provided by the MOOCs. Students may take those evaluations at their own pace.

After that first series of exams is successfully completed, students have access to the second series of exams. That second series includes exams concerning the live sessions.

Exams on the live sessions pertaining to specific issues on the MOOC take place in January, whereas exams on the live sessions relating to the current topics take place in June. Those exams may be oral or written exams. Oral exams will be organized via Zoom or Teams.

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June deadline approaching!

Application for the LL.M. must be submitted by June 30, 2023