About the LL.M.

Why this LL.M. and for whom?

You are working and you want to specialize in international law but you cannot afford to interrupt your career. This LL.M. program is for you. It is a fully online program. It is very flexible as you can follow it at your own pace. In addition, you may choose to complete it in one or two years, depending upon your background and availability.

Although entirely online, this LL.M. program is different from other classical online programs. It provides for personalised assistance to follow up on pre-recorded courses as well as academic support for the research paper. Moreover, it includes a series of live sessions, where professors are directly in contact with the students, and individualised evaluations.

When completing this program, you will obtain a ‘University Certificate’ entitled ‘LL.M. in International Law‘ and worth of 60 ECTS credits, from one of the oldest and best university in Europe.  In addition to the personal development value of the certificate, the 60 ECTS credits earned can be used to pursue other academic programs in Europe, subject to approval by the committees responsible for the programs for which you wish to register at a later date.

The program involves a complete training in international law, which may be of interest to any people who work, or want to work, in the areas covered by the LL.M., that is, in international law, international relations or related areas, and who have a background in a range of professional fields, including government departments and diplomacy. The program covers various branches of international law and address recent relevant events with a specific focus on current affairs. Courses are provided by experts in the field, including practitioners.

The program combines learning and research skills. You will be able to understand the rules of international law applicable to the field of international relations. You will develop legal reasoning and argumentation on many issues that arise in international practice and you will be able to decrypt international events from a legal perspective, including recent events.

May deadline approaching!

Application for the LL.M. must be submitted by May 31, 2025